Scent Science, Simplified

Sillage from a convertible….

For all those who have questioned the data on the index: Your skepticism is understandable. However, I have a funny story that I thought I would share, that might help convince you that the data on this site is in fact quite accurate.

I don’t own a vehicle; however, I have a number of very generous friends who let me drive their cars every once and a while. One of those friends happens to own a 2nd generation Mazda Miata (fantastic cars), which he lets me cruise around town in when he notices that I’m aching to get behind the wheel.

Well, today the weather was absolutely fantastic, so I put on 3 sprays of Creed’s Aventus, dropped the top and drove off. About an hour and a half later, after I had finished all the errands that I had been putting off, I drove up to my friend and his girlfriend, who were waiting on the sidewalk. When I stopped, they both walked up to the car and the first thing out of both of their mouths was “We could smell you from down the street.” Granted, there was a fair bit of wind, but  I was wearing one of the FPi’s legends! I am certain they wouldn’t have said a word had I chose to wear Terre D’Heremes.

Just a bit of juice for thought :)

Stay fragrant, and drive safe!


Aaron Benjamin (aka The Smelly Scientist)