Scent Science, Simplified

Pajama Fragrances

Many people view fragrances as being restricted to purely social usage. They will argue that just as one would wear their best suit when heading out to work, they should also pick an appropriate fragrance to compliment their attire or mood. These people have it half right—fragrances can absolutely add something extra to one’s ensemble; however, I believe that fragrances take on a whole other purpose late at night, when no one else is around. I refer to these as “Pajama Fragrances”.

We wear pajamas at home when we want to relax, so why not fragrances? For many, scent has such a profound impact on their mood, that it would be only natural to want to wear something that puts you at ease before you sleep. For me, there are a number of fragrances that accomplish this, with Hinoki by Comme Des Garcons being on top of the list. I typically find a nice light gourmand also does the trick. But as with any fragrance, preference should always be specific to the wearer.

Some tips for those looking to delve into the world of Pajama Fragrance use:

1. Try to pick a fragrance with mild projection: You don’t want the fragrance to overwhelm you when you’re trying to sleep. Think of a Pajama Fragrance as something that gently envelops you and will greet you in a completely different form the next morning.

2. Do not spray on your pillow: Even mild fragrances can be overwhelming if they are centimetres away from your face.

3. Do not wear a Pajama Fragrance to bed if you are feeling ill: This may result in an aversion to that fragrance. I could not wear Creed’s Millesime Imperiale for months after having an experience like this (although, in retrospect, MI does not seem like the best choice for a Pajama Fragrance).

4. Mind your significant other: If they are sensitive to fragrances, or prefer a fragrance free environment when they sleep, get rid of them! (Just kidding. Please do your best to accommodate their needs.)

May your enjoyment of fragrances extend well into your dreams!

Stay fragrant, friends,

The Smelly Scientist