Scent Science, Simplified

Greetings from Japan!

Dear loyal fragheads,

I am writing to you today from Osaka, Japan, where I am currently working for the summer. I sincerely apologize that it has taken me so long to update the site, but this past month has been absolutely insane. What I mean by this is that I have been working non-stop, and when I’m not working I am eating fantastic food, meeting great people and drinking…. a lot.

You will be happy to know that I brought a significant arsenal of fragrances with me; however, Japan being a country of people who do not like to interfere with the enjoyment of others makes it a bit tough to wear projection beasts like Aventus (I brought it anyway). My current rotation for work has been a single spray of Mugler Cologne or Miles by Detaille Paris, with night fragrance choices ranging from Aventus, Pure Malt/Havane, Ambre Nuit, LIDGE, and the occasional sprits of Spiriteuse Double Vanille for those special occasions. It is very rare to receive compliments on a fragrance here, but I find that the sweeter ones get quite a bit of attention, especially anything with vanilla in it. With that said, it’s best to respect the culture at all times and try not to overdo it.

I finally have a bit of extra time so I thought I would post some test results that I had saved up from before I left. I will be posting them throughout the summer so check back soon!

Here are some pictures I have taken so far. Enjoy!







Andy's balcony


Stay fragrant, friends.

Aaron Benjamin