Scent Science, Simplified

Fragrance storage solutions!

Hi everyone,

I hope you have been enjoying the content on the FPindex.  I recently ran into some trouble with my odor detector, but everything has since been resolved, so I’m back to testing!

I wanted to share with you all a few storage secrets that I have come across in my endless efforts to keep my collection of bottles, samples, and test atomizers organized. Here are a few tips:

1. Storage drawers

Sterilite makes some great plastic storage drawers. They can be found on Amazon and are quite affordable.

I got this one:

I keep small samples in the top drawers, and bottles in the bottom two.

*ONE WORD OF WARNING* The drawers are a bit slippery so if you’re putting large bottles in, they will slide. I cut an old yoga mat up and placed pieces on the bottom of each drawer to prevent slippage.

Storage with yoga mat
2. Sample/decant storage

Believe it or not…. the secret is ammo boxes! More specifically, for the general 5ml plastic atomizers, use an ammo storage box suited for .378 magnum rifle rounds.

5ml box

For the smaller 2.5ml plastic atomizers, like those you can get at Sephora or Nordstrom when you receive samples, use boxes made for 45 acp pistol rounds.

2.5ml storage
I hope these ideas help you to more efficiently manage your collection! And please do contact me with info/pictures of your own creations. I would gladly add them to this post :)


Here is a very cool contribution from member Dougczar from Basenotes:

“When I purchase a bottle of something, I decant out 5 ml into an atomizer, and store the rest of the bottle in a box in my basement. That way, I have quick access to my collection by storing the atomizers (along with any samples I have) in these boxes / drawers. Started with one, now up to 6 (3 of them shown below). I organize them by manufacturer, so I can quickly find anything I want. And I know that the full bottle is in a cool, dark place. And if I want, I could just take the atomizer with me.”


Stay fragrant, friends.

Aaron Benjamin (The Smelly Scientist)