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Fake Fragrance Index

*****This database is constantly being updated! Please e-mail me at if you have any new information on a fragrance that is being faked!*****

Below is a list of fragrances as well as examples of authentic/fake bottles. I cannot stress enough, however, that if you want to be 110% sure that the fragrance you are getting is authentic, you have to buy it from an authorized retailer! The peace of mind is often  worth much more than the money you save buying from an unauthorized seller :)

Stay fragrant,

Aaron Benjamin (The Smelly Scientist)

Some general warning signs:

-Misspelled words
-different colored juice
-different shape bottle
-different font/design
-off-center printing
and of course…
-foul-smelling juice


1. A real Creed box should have the lot number on the bottom, and the lot number should match that on the bottle’s lip.
2. A real creed box should contain a card, AND a pamphlet inside.
3. Take note of the cap. Often the crest is quite different on fake bottles. It’s best to compare it to a real one if you have it.
4. 4oz bottles are the most popular; hence the most commonly faked.

Some references for fake Creed bottles:

Real vs. Fake Creed Silver Mountain Water