Scent Science, Simplified

It’s alive!!!

Hello, and thank you for dropping by. My name is Aaron, a.k.a. The Smelly Scientist, and this website has come about as the result of my ongoing experimentation with fragrance potency.

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A bit about me…

I am a first year law student who has become obsessed with fragrances over the past few years. During my research of various fragrances I have come across tons of great fragrance resources, many of which I actively participate in; however, it has become apparent to me that many people have a hard time relying on reviews to determine whether or not a fragrance is right for them or not. Furthermore, everyone has different reactions to fragrances on their skin. In an effort to remedy this problem, and provide a bit more clarity, I decided to develop a system that could provide numerical data relating to fragrance projection, sillage and longevity.

“I see ‘projection’ and ‘sillage’, but where are the FPi ratings for longevity?!”

An excellent question.

When I began testing fragrances, I realized that the vast majority of them remained for significant periods of time on materials such as fabric or paper; therefore it would be pointless to sit for days on end with my odor detector waiting for the moment that a fragrance is no longer detectable. Attempting to test longevity on skin is also something I have considered, but there is simply too much variation out there, and it would be silly to calculate a fragrance’s longevity based on my skin alone. Essentially, you’re just going to have to see how a fragrance reacts with your skin type and body chemistry. Worst case scenario, spray on your clothes!

Over the course of time I plan on building this database up to the point where it contains empirical information on the potency of every fragrance on the market. Please come by often and comment on reviews, blogs, etc.

Or shoot me an e-mail at, as I’m always happy to receive input, or just talk fragrance!

Stay fragrant (but not too fragrant!), friends.

-Aaron Benjamin (The Smelly Scientist)