Scent Science, Simplified

What is the FPindex?

The Fragrance Potency Index (FPindex) was developed as a means of measuring fragrances in order to provide empirical analyses of certain characteristics that have been thoroughly debated, but never debunked. The main characteristic in question is that of projection (how far a scent projects off an object). A fragrance’s projection is typically a strong representation of its sillage (the duration of time that a scent remains in the air) and longevity (how long a fragrance lasts on skin/clothing) as well. Through the use of the most advanced odour detecting technology, the potency of each fragrance is transformed into a single “FPi” rating.

The advantages of standardizing the measurement of a fragrance’s potency are extremely far-reaching. Consumers will be able to utilize the FPIndex as a research tool to assist them when researching or shopping for a fragrance. Fragrance manufacturers will be able to benefit by referencing the FPindex’s unbiased data in order to provide an even more detailed description of the products that they offer. Finally, the general public will benefit by the reduced amount of “smell pollution” caused by fragrance-wearers who, up until this point, were unable to properly gauge the correct amount of a particular fragrance to apply.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed! Individual experiences will vary, especially when fragrances are sprayed on skin. There are simply too many variables at play in the real world that will influence the performance of a fragrance. The FPindex should only be used as a reference to gauge the general potency of a fragrance! 

Equal treatment for all fragrances!

All tests are conducted using the same materials, testing equipment,  and amount of fragrance, to ensure completely unbiased results.